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Elemental Virtues

Soulutions for a better life .....

Kosha Synergetics

The physical body is an amazing arena of checks and balances. Within systems of it's delicate regulation and the sustaining life, the mind resides over those systems. We often think we can fix whatever ails the body by traditionally addressing ONLY the symptoms of ailment without understanding the causes. When we continue to live in such a way with no change inside the bounds and the structures of what we have set up as part of our existence, our health begins to wear. This is where personal awareness is the most important factor to begin healing body, mind and the Spiritual aspects of "Self".

As we fail to identify the subtle changes we experience day to day, a negative shift takes place, and our emotional and physical systems break down, weakening the body's constitution. Wellness begins to wane. Until we can identify these triggers, change remains distant.

Elemental Virtues offers a wide variety of soothing application in:

*Energy Kosha Synergetics

* Color Therapies

*Essential Oil & Energy Technique

*Sound Sync

*Energy & Intuitive Readings Daily, with Saturday Table Readings by appt. only.

Visit the Services page and call for your scheduled session today.