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Elemental Virtues

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Re-Wiring The Internal

Posted on April 17, 2018 at 12:20 AM

It's insane out there. Yesterday afternoon, a building co-worker wondered into my office for some chit chat... We began talking about the current state of affairs when he asked "Why are these things happening?"

While I couldn't begin to offer a good reason as to why the current headlines were impacting our world, I was however, able to offer an explanation as to why mass consciousness collects it's "psychic data", and just what that meant for all of us. At least from my own interpretation.

We get up every morning without any thought or any mind shall we say, as to what our day will be bringing as a result of our actions and our decision/s. The quality of life after all, is purely based on those two things. Most of the time, we stumble out of bed to the coffee maker, let the household take it's place in it's redundancy with the dog/kids/spouse, stumble into the shower, and then out to the car, and BOOM - off we go. Further, these benign movements repeat themselves when we pull into the parking lot at the workplace/school/calendared event. That's right, we walk right through our awareness each day as to what's important to us or our individual need for self care and joy. We leave our happiness in the hands of others without even thinking or doing the work to understand our true wants/desires. We throw our responsibilities of self on our medical professionals and political authorities, while tossing our "career satisfaction and fit" to the wind, while tossing all pro-activity in life out of the proverbial window compounded by ignoring any cause and effect it will have.I would state that we leave everything up to everyone else but ourselves, but it leaves somewhat of a confusing conundrum on who to blame. It's hard to take responsibility when you don't know what you're losing.

Crime is on the rise...the killing, the drug addiction, and the violence (because we have no REAL systems in place to deal with these things) are all left in the idle hands of those who have no personal identity or connection to any thing blessed or productive. I'm speaking of the red tape laying on the desks of those who are supposed to implement systems. There's no real basis of any fact or statistic that backs up the reason for mass destruction and the mass polarization other than the disconnect happening more and more each day. This is why it's important to fight it on individual levels every chance we get. It's too much.

To let this world mirror the mundane and the fear behind the emptiness is the backbone of ignornace and why it continues. My answer to any of it when I can feel the choking dust collect, is to "throw fresh seed". I simply do the opposite of what is ailing the world. I GIVE. I drink my own bliss and wash it down with a full understanding that I can put my stubborness to use and I switch tracks.

Pay for a meal anonymously...Purchase a $5.00 Gift Cert. in the grocery line and turn around as you leave handing it to the next person...Ask the person at the drive through window what the bill is to the car behind, as you watch the mother of 4 struggle behind the wheel waiting for food - HELP HER....Mozy on over to the next door neighbors house with your riding mower and just DO IT - DO IT NOW.

Yes - disconnection is the disease itself of the mass consciousness and the end result of the SYMPTOMS to crime, killing, drug addiction and violence. We're out of options because we haven't CREATED ANY. The headlines are happening because we've left our lives to the charge of systems we don't maintain. And sadly, we've lost all of our self governing abilities to blind trust and faith in the immediate gratification over intelligence and personal responsibility. We don't even "own" our feelings over reason and reason over those feelings. We simply "identify" with impulse and a feverish lust for quick end results.

Yes...mass consciousness has now taken over in the disconnect from each other. This is now what we've become. And all this branches off on fundamental braille beliefs such as religion, political teaming and the frailty of living among the minutia of it all. So the next time you're wondering how we got here...look at the world around you and the low hum of it's dumbing down leading to it's disconnection.

That's why.

Do something people.. Recharge...Plug back in and CONNECT.

It's Monday ...Make it count.

Dana Martine

May 2018 Be Your Year

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 6:20 PM

Both privilege and fate were my running theme this past year. I got to know many many different people. I met some of you Ladies here on the Women's Womb Page. But mostly, I got versed through others all over again with my "yesteryear days" as a personal advocate for assisting women through my business, Elemental Virtues. I had a taste once again of some real connection as a "helper" to my sisters, and have decided to return to that role at _____ _______ _____ this coming Spring 2018. My last time filling that role was in the mid 1980's.

Elemental Virtues started out in 2013 as a small project for doing metaphysical work. It quickly turned into the capitalization along the lines of reading energy. I had been involved with metaphysics for over 25 years, but after the move out of my cottage in Amelia, only to settle into an office in Cherry Grove, I found out even more quickly, that my "little project" had other plans in store for me.

Fast forward, and as you know, Elemental Virtues came home to roost literally on our property after my husband had my new "nest" built for me just in time for my birthday/anniversary/and Winter Solstice gift. What a lucky woman I am to have a partner who is not only a fierce protector, but one who walked behind me in this life, making sure I'd be ok...I'd heal.

Elemental Virtues is now very much of a place of meeting, tasking, merriment, and a creative foundation for women of all walks. This "birth" is due to circumstances and happenstance over the yolk of the last 12 months of my work as a Helper/Mentor. It is now an extremely private place of "birthing" ... a magical place if you will.

I've discovered that women want desperately to know themselves... now more than ever. And, over the past year, I've seen women having trouble shaking the dust from their feet, struggling to accept their own truths in their relationships, their lives, and in their choices that cloud their judgment.

No, I'm not a perfect person in terms of who I am to any of you. However, my own "work in progress" is flawless when it comes to my canvas. From loss to love, from love to loss, and from the cradle to the grave on many layers to that onion, my life is my own - my life is mine.

I have obtained as much as I've given, and I appreciate what has also been taken. And truth be known, sometimes that's been a long row to hoe.

The past 12 months have been a type of "history" for me. True, you can say that about each year you have the gift of seeing through. But this one was different. This one was about learning from my Shadow and teaching myself the aspects of my own boundary lines where I thought I had them established already. The layers of how I have felt through the political tides, the social ab-norms, and even on a personal front, have all had what I refer to as "Divine timing". I'm hoping that your own year in review Ladies, has been one that you can embrace with a fierce appetite for all of it's contents. We all in fact, if we're LUCKY enough, share a common thread of what has themed our world in learning what has to be done to change it. "Lucky" meaning how much we've ingested and digested from the past year's events. To understand it and connect with each other through it, is the gift in it if we can share it as the food we need in order to grow.

It's for that, that I want to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year...I'm hoping and wishing that you understand the message of this coming year, because it will be yours and yours alone. 

As for me and Elemental Virtues? I'll be waiting to see some of you, old and new, at our new beloved MoonPie Cottage.

May 2018 bring you Ladies ART, LOVE, MERRIMENT and most of all, PERSONAL TIME spent on SELF DISCOVERY.

Happy 2018 to Everyone, but most of all to you Ladies out there, making it happen by your own magical selves. 

Much Love & Light, Dana Martine xoxo

The Tragedy Of Complexity, A Woman's Scorn

Posted on December 7, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Women didn't have better choices because until now, we've not spoken up collectively. We HAVE to make more conscientious efforts to walk with one another through this tumultuous world .

Over the years, the roller coaster ride of being a woman myself, has had its themed reasoning of the forward and backward peddling woman tend to do with one another. I apply it as to why I have visited and left certain circles of some of my women friends. From the grade school playground all the way up to my middle management years, I've seen women bite the backs of women in so many personal and professional instances,that the "hum" of it all seemed to take on a life of its own.

But it HAS gotten alot better over time, as I have found out that when women are without each other, it is both the damning concept of the impediment of growth, and at other times, a blessing in the wake of walking away from each other. Both concepts have indeed, evolved. In its moral entirety, it is indeed a Sisterhood to behold if you're savvy enough to understand the complexity of sharing complexities with each other. I do, but in bite sized pieces called "boundaries".

Women tend to leave each other over the most ridiculous "overthrows" when it comes to the disrespect some have for their sisters. And it's then when women (especially women) must NOT put up with each other's riff-raff drama in mud puddle splashing as it's usually the first sign before the actual mud slinging begins. That's something that can keep a good woman "stuck in her own mud" when she involves herself in the meddling of circumstances.

Her feminine energy becomes out of sync and falls into an abyss all created by her and her alone. She can be her own worst enemy, the one who can start a war, or end it - but first she must recognize it so that her children can also recognize it. As women, we are what we know. It takes a lifetime to be polished in the sands of the feminine. When we realize this, we become much much more.

Women are not without responsibility in the change going forward. If we want GOOD MEN, we must RAISE UP GOOD MEN. When you marry abusive men/partners and/or live with abuse, you then become a part of RAISING UP THE ABUSE, unless you set the example of what you will and will not put up with as a woman in front of your children. The responsibility and choice lies within the scope of your own hand and heart as well.

I am proud of the MeToo Movement. I'm part of it. I do the work and have for over 39 years when it happened to me the first time and many more times going forward. I'm not afraid, nor have I ever been, to tell my story. I simply cut away what and who can hold me back at any given time. This means the whiners, the complainers, and the ones who continue to participate with issues and problematic dynamics that do nothing but further complacency, tragedy, and mental instabilities. And all just because "shared messes" seem to be "comfortable".

Abuse is a two way street. I say that not in blame or finger pointing to my Sisters out there, but to raise awareness on the concept of awareness itself on a woman's participation with any of it. For those women who truly need a hand in education and self empowerment, it's time to listen, learn, and say;

"Enough. My bidding of "Hello" outweighs my fear of saying "Goodbye"...

A new understanding awaits.~

The Tragedy Of Holiday Expectancy

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 6:55 AM

Years and years ago, I began having Winter Solstice parties after watching my older sister seemingly having fun with hers. I loved putting them on (at first). Of course I had alot more energy in the 90's. But there was an element of "peppermint charm" I have always been unable to resist when it comes to the holidays....That is, until people come to expect it.

It was my 5th year in having one in 1996. Alot of the same people would get an invite, and I have to admit that even by year 4, the stress began to rear it's ugly head. I don't know about you Ladies, but the rule of invite is to expect half for a solid number...*DON'T BELIEVE IT*.

By the 5th year, I was working at a catering company which made for tedious planning around time off to pull out all of the stops. My gatherings were magical in the sense of old fashion poppers on the tables...cider wines...homemade cordial cakes for gifts and lots of candles and giveaway bags as guests left after a long and fun evening with friends. But year 5 was different...Nothing went right. Crockpots were forgotten to be turned on...The smoker died that contained the porkloins in the middle of the afternoon without us knowing, and I had issue with getting out of work on time. When I finally arrived home, guests had already begun to arrive. My boyfriend at the time was doing his best to accommodate everyone, but not before panicking. I rushed to the bedroom to put my holiday ensemble on that I had planned to wear, while trying to "airdry" the day's food preparations off of me from the catering gig I had been working on. It was the best I could do with being 2 hours late getting home.

I came out of my bedroom as "ready best" as I could, and that's when "it" happened.

A repeat guest put it all in perspective in just 3 measly little words, as I directed my then boyfriend to ice up the beer tubs; "Dana! You're slipping!"

I'll never forget it. I remember seething while holding my tongue as I wanted to shove the nearest homemade cheeselog up his nose.

It was a painted smile and a feverish tone with tiresome conversation for the next 5 hours that evening. Being an introvert and being selective with friends and just life in general, was the deciding factor for no more Winter Solstice gatherings.

People come to expect alot from what you present on a consistent basis. While I chewed on our friends thoughtlessness for the next few days, I also knew that I had to take some responsibility in it. I allowed it to happen like it did in the first place. I set it up this way. Every year, my gatherings got more elaborate and harder to clean up. I realized that it was ME who decided to let more in than what I could put out ...and for what??? I know what I'm capable of...I know my talents....But it wasn't fun anymore. And when that happens, you KNOW it's time to take your punch bowl and go home.

So...I did.

Now, it's a Solstice dinner with 1-4 friends, and some quiet conversation. For me, the more intimate the better. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it...Learn from self love.~ 

The Entertainment Of Food

Posted on October 21, 2017 at 6:45 AM

Recently, the media has reported the loss of the fast food chains acrossed map by way of bankruptcy. It's leaving alot of people stimied as to why...It's very simple actually.The reason why restaurant chains are suffering is because people are tired of the hype on food or better known as "food wars". Nothing more and nothing less. I got out of culinary arts years ago because I realized that food at it's finest doesn't come from the "food experience". It comes from the perspective of connection, nutrition, and an atmosphere in support of digestion. No, restaurant chains are leaving as a result of that lost personal touch, not the immediacy of delivery to busy millennials - that's an excuse to blame.

Food is energy. Energy is food. And what we put into our bodies will be exactly how our bodies either thank us, or how our bodies will betray us. From cancer to leaky gut to all digestive issues in relation to the wafting industry of food, people are now observing the subconsciousness of "DIS-connect". Women especially feel this. Why? Because women understand family, hearth, and home on a deeper emotional level than the counterpart of any man. This is not to say that men are totalty insensitive to women when it comes to family, but that the food industry has been taken over to a now corporate male driven industry. This makes for an exhausted and confusing avenue of what and who the "hunter and gatherer" is. People have lost the connection to the simplicity of good food at the home and hearth for reasons that layer in money making, color psychologies to food for marketing purposes, and the nurturing aspect that the hearth brings. I make the leap from the hearth to the working woman who is trying to support her family while trying to keep them together. Bottom line - people are returning home for connection and good food. They're tired of spending money on over priced foods, inflated with gimmicks and themes, tauted with overblown presentation. They're tired of disease, conditions, and the discomfort all of it brings. 

It's the smaller, one-of-a-kind cafe's that specialize in wholesome foods with a more personal connection to our own kitchen and hearth. People no longer want to sit down and eat in "trough like atmospheres" with the loud and chaotic production line handling of their food. If you ask your friends and family if they'd rather eat at Applebee's or the little "best kept secret" down the street, half of them would choose the "best kept secret", and the other half would hem haw over not being able to make up their minds. This is because the connection to the hearth has disappeared.

It has nothing to do with the "dining experience" anymore. Food should not be used as an entertainment platform.