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The Entertainment Of Food

Posted on October 21, 2017 at 6:45 AM

Recently, the media has reported the loss of the fast food chains acrossed map by way of bankruptcy. It's leaving alot of people stimied as to why...It's very simple actually.The reason why restaurant chains are suffering is because people are tired of the hype on food or better known as "food wars". Nothing more and nothing less. I got out of culinary arts years ago because I realized that food at it's finest doesn't come from the "food experience". It comes from the perspective of connection, nutrition, and an atmosphere in support of digestion. No, restaurant chains are leaving as a result of that lost personal touch, not the immediacy of delivery to busy millennials - that's an excuse to blame.

Food is energy. Energy is food. And what we put into our bodies will be exactly how our bodies either thank us, or how our bodies will betray us. From cancer to leaky gut to all digestive issues in relation to the wafting industry of food, people are now observing the subconsciousness of "DIS-connect". Women especially feel this. Why? Because women understand family, hearth, and home on a deeper emotional level than the counterpart of any man. This is not to say that men are totalty insensitive to women when it comes to family, but that the food industry has been taken over to a now corporate male driven industry. This makes for an exhausted and confusing avenue of what and who the "hunter and gatherer" is. People have lost the connection to the simplicity of good food at the home and hearth for reasons that layer in money making, color psychologies to food for marketing purposes, and the nurturing aspect that the hearth brings. I make the leap from the hearth to the working woman who is trying to support her family while trying to keep them together. Bottom line - people are returning home for connection and good food. They're tired of spending money on over priced foods, inflated with gimmicks and themes, tauted with overblown presentation. They're tired of disease, conditions, and the discomfort all of it brings. 

It's the smaller, one-of-a-kind cafe's that specialize in wholesome foods with a more personal connection to our own kitchen and hearth. People no longer want to sit down and eat in "trough like atmospheres" with the loud and chaotic production line handling of their food. If you ask your friends and family if they'd rather eat at Applebee's or the little "best kept secret" down the street, half of them would choose the "best kept secret", and the other half would hem haw over not being able to make up their minds. This is because the connection to the hearth has disappeared.

It has nothing to do with the "dining experience" anymore. Food should not be used as an entertainment platform. 

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