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Elemental Virtues

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Re-Wiring The Internal

Posted on April 17, 2018 at 12:20 AM

It's insane out there. Yesterday afternoon, a building co-worker wondered into my office for some chit chat... We began talking about the current state of affairs when he asked "Why are these things happening?"

While I couldn't begin to offer a good reason as to why the current headlines were impacting our world, I was however, able to offer an explanation as to why mass consciousness collects it's "psychic data", and just what that meant for all of us. At least from my own interpretation.

We get up every morning without any thought or any mind shall we say, as to what our day will be bringing as a result of our actions and our decision/s. The quality of life after all, is purely based on those two things. Most of the time, we stumble out of bed to the coffee maker, let the household take it's place in it's redundancy with the dog/kids/spouse, stumble into the shower, and then out to the car, and BOOM - off we go. Further, these benign movements repeat themselves when we pull into the parking lot at the workplace/school/calendared event. That's right, we walk right through our awareness each day as to what's important to us or our individual need for self care and joy. We leave our happiness in the hands of others without even thinking or doing the work to understand our true wants/desires. We throw our responsibilities of self on our medical professionals and political authorities, while tossing our "career satisfaction and fit" to the wind, while tossing all pro-activity in life out of the proverbial window compounded by ignoring any cause and effect it will have.I would state that we leave everything up to everyone else but ourselves, but it leaves somewhat of a confusing conundrum on who to blame. It's hard to take responsibility when you don't know what you're losing.

Crime is on the rise...the killing, the drug addiction, and the violence (because we have no REAL systems in place to deal with these things) are all left in the idle hands of those who have no personal identity or connection to any thing blessed or productive. I'm speaking of the red tape laying on the desks of those who are supposed to implement systems. There's no real basis of any fact or statistic that backs up the reason for mass destruction and the mass polarization other than the disconnect happening more and more each day. This is why it's important to fight it on individual levels every chance we get. It's too much.

To let this world mirror the mundane and the fear behind the emptiness is the backbone of ignornace and why it continues. My answer to any of it when I can feel the choking dust collect, is to "throw fresh seed". I simply do the opposite of what is ailing the world. I GIVE. I drink my own bliss and wash it down with a full understanding that I can put my stubborness to use and I switch tracks.

Pay for a meal anonymously...Purchase a $5.00 Gift Cert. in the grocery line and turn around as you leave handing it to the next person...Ask the person at the drive through window what the bill is to the car behind, as you watch the mother of 4 struggle behind the wheel waiting for food - HELP HER....Mozy on over to the next door neighbors house with your riding mower and just DO IT - DO IT NOW.

Yes - disconnection is the disease itself of the mass consciousness and the end result of the SYMPTOMS to crime, killing, drug addiction and violence. We're out of options because we haven't CREATED ANY. The headlines are happening because we've left our lives to the charge of systems we don't maintain. And sadly, we've lost all of our self governing abilities to blind trust and faith in the immediate gratification over intelligence and personal responsibility. We don't even "own" our feelings over reason and reason over those feelings. We simply "identify" with impulse and a feverish lust for quick end results.

Yes...mass consciousness has now taken over in the disconnect from each other. This is now what we've become. And all this branches off on fundamental braille beliefs such as religion, political teaming and the frailty of living among the minutia of it all. So the next time you're wondering how we got here...look at the world around you and the low hum of it's dumbing down leading to it's disconnection.

That's why.

Do something people.. Recharge...Plug back in and CONNECT.

It's Monday ...Make it count.

Dana Martine

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