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Elemental Virtues

Soulutions for a better life .....

The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means "circle". A Mandala expresses wholeness and wellness. It is a cosmic diagram or map, that exists around and within all living things, and it appears to us in all aspects of life. Our Earth, the Sun, the Moon... all encompass the circles of life as we live it.

It is our individual relation to the Infinite, exceeding beyond and within our earthly bodies

and minds.

These circular patterns symbolize the notion that a life is never ending. Spiritual significance is unique to the individual or group of individuals that a mandala is created for. 

Dana carefully evaluates your energy's auric color, and the color needed for restorative healing and balance. Your mandala is forever is

imprinted with gentle reminders of peace specifically assigned and designed only for you.

Ideal for those who like to keep peace and balance with them wherever they go. Great for the workplace, vacations, and moving the

energy from room to room within the home.

Your mandala is ready within 5-7 days.

Pick up or shipping is choice. 34.00 (Shipping if chosen, not included.)