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Elemental Virtues

Soulutions for a better life .....

Energy Grounding & Alignment can relieve physical pain and ease suffering. Through restorative touch and breath work, a sense of support and emotional balance comes into view. With the physical body cradled on a comfortable energy bed and orthopedic pillow, clients experience peace and are often able to let go of what no longer serves to be of any valuable purpose in life.

Aromatics are applied through "olfaction synergy", a method and modality founded and formed by Dana.

Under deep relaxation and restorative touch, aromatics are introduced, clearing stuck energy throughout the mental and emotional body.

Energy "G&A" is usually given to those seeking rest and relaxation in which high stress is a factor daily. It is also used in and applied for those who are coming off of extreme illness, trauma, or harsh medical applications such as chemotherapy.

69.00 per session hour/ 39.00 per 1/2 session hour.