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Elemental Virtues

Soulutions for a better life .....

A full 60 minutes of unbridled rest and relaxation in this peaceful application

of Archeaia Color Carding, Sound Sync, and Energy Grounding & Alignment.

A complete integration of sight, sound, touch, and olfaction.

Done in a progression of 3 sessions, feelings of support and understanding join the client in both restoring confidence and understanding to the individual in terms of personal need as well as the ability to go forward in applying it to life. Physical and emotional release are often experienced in this service. Very good for the those in need of a vacation from life, trauma or trauma from illness/loss. 

Included with this service and within 5-7 days, clients also receive via USPS, their Soul (Guidance) Mandala,

painted by Dana in correlation upon seen in the auric field at the time of services. No two mandalas are ever alike.

125.00.00 Session Hour 60 minutes