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Elemental Virtues

Soulutions for a better life .....

Because they said so....

"I want to thank you for everything you have shown me and taught me. I have grown a lot in just a few months and I see the changes in me everyday. I knew before I met you that I was in a repetitive cycle and didn't know how to get out of it or change it. Now I have a voice and more respect for myself and I also have boundaries with family and friends. I also know so much more about the spiritual side of "me",

and that it will only increase as I keep going forward. You have help me change my life in the greatest of ways. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Kelly Manning, Covington Kentucky

"Kosha was amazing! I felt refreshed! My mind felt clear!!!

I just felt very bouncy and bubbly!"

- Stephanie Heheman, Cincinnati Ohio

"I noticed I could hear better... True story! It helped me let go of some things."

-Susan Maddux, Cincinnati Ohio

"I felt awesome! I was relaxed and well rested...peaceful.

Before I visited Dana, I was exhausted from everyday life. After my session I felt energized and well rested. She also pointed out a pain in my right side that I have been feeling periodically. I highly recommend Dana if you are having troubles and need to feel a sense of calmness. " -Sarah Brinkman, Cincinnati Ohio

"Working with Dana has brought one of the greatest senses of who I am and who I was always meant to be. She never judged me or should I say the "real me" as I realized my own potential and my own beauty. I've never known that I could grow so much in taking such a journey. She was with me every single step of the way, and she took every single hit with me. It was fun, exciting, self revealing, but not without the hard work it takes to look at things I didn't want to. Most of all, it was personal,

yet I didn't feel alone in my journey. I truly felt supported and understood with each and every challenge I faced."

Thank you so much Dana, you are such an inspiration!

Carrie Neltner, Fairfield Ohio 

"I feel relieved...smooth.....Happiness and "in the moment".

- Chris Bedinghaus, Cincinnati Ohio

"I'm at peace and hopeful/optimistic and I am looking forward

to future services." - Alicia Bell, Eastgate Ohio

"I feel "core full"...calmer and more centered, rested."

- Kadijah Johnson, Milford Ohio